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These pictures are just a couple in the whole process of forging a blade. I didn't document every stage but this gives an idea of what takes place while forging a full tang drop point hunter. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this set of pictures. Burton

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Forging A Drop Point Hunter

burton cutlery forged knife

The tip of a drop point hunter is forged onto a bar of 1075 steel.

burton cutlery forged knife

After another couple of heats to shape the tip and start the bevels the handle is started by hanging the knife over the edge of the anvil and striking on top.

burton cutlery forged knife

The handle is now developed and starting to be thinned out.

The bevels are starting to get forged as well as the distal taper towards the tip.

burton cutlery forged knife

The handle is now thinned out and the bevels are being developed. After a few heats for straightening the blade is taken through three normalizing heats. The blade is then allowed to cool and is cut off the bar.