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Here are a few pictures of my work areas. I enjoy spending the most time in the hot shop working metal. I have amassed a huge stock of forged blades of both damascus and high carbon during the cold Ohio winters. -Burton

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Shop Tour

Below are a few pictures of my shop and tools.

This is the hot shop area. On the left is my Claiborne forging press that I use for making my damascus.

This is my KMG grinder made by Rob Frink at Beaumont Metal Works here locally in Columbus, Ohio.

This is a welding I made. The large vice is used for straightening forged blades and file work. The small Columbian anvil is used for detail work.

Here is the metal cutting area. 5x7 Jet horizontal and vertical band saw and a vertical mounted Porta band.

burton cutlery anvil

On the left is my large anvil I am not sure of the make it is 300 pound plus. On the right is my first anvil a M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE FORGE dating from 1854 - 1875.

burton cutlery forge

This is my three burner Whisper Low Boy propane fueled forge. This is what I use for forging blades and damascus.

New vertical forge coming to life.


This is my digitally controlled Evenheat heat treat oven. This is used for heat treating my blades and annealing of the blades after heat treating.

post viselathe

Old blacksmiths post vise and a Logan 9" metal lathe.

sherline mini mill

This is a Sherline Mini Mill. I use this for trueing up handle materials and hardware and also slotting guards for hidden tang knives.