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Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and view my work. If you are a first time visitor please take some time to check things out. If you are a returning visitor thanks for stopping back. Please email me with any questions or comments. Burton


At Burton Cutlery I strive to make a great knife that anyone would be proud to carry and stand by all work that leaves my shop. All knives are handmade in Central Ohio. All my knives come with a guarantee of workmanship. This guarantee covers all defects in workmanship that occur with normal knife use. Any knives that are abused and damaged can be repaired for the cost of materials and labor. I will re-sharpen any of my knives for free but the customer will be responsible for shipping. I take pride in the construction of my knives and hope you will take pride in owning and using them. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. -Burton

Maker Methods

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The majority of my work is handforged to shape. I prefer to forge as I enjoy forming the hot metal to what shape I want. With forging blades to shape you are not confined to the dimensions of barstock. On a rare occasion I might grind or "stock remove" a knife to shape if the design calls for this. Also some damascus patterns benefit from stock removal versus forged to prevent disorting the pattern. -Burton

Click my logo below for a few forging pics.