Meet The Maker

My interest in knives started at a young age.  I was raised in the country and my Dad was a hunter and fisherman.  My brothers and I have been outdoorsmen since we were very young.  Being outdoors all the time, we always were looking for a good knife to carry with us.  We have collected knives throughout the years.  Getting started with knife-making, I initially bought a few blades to make for myself and one for my dad for Father’s Day.  I had a great sense of pride and accomplishment with those first few knives.

I saved up and bought a KMG grinder and started making my own blades. At first I was doing only stock removal. After attending a couple hammer-ins and visiting a couple local makers, I caught the forging bug. Now all my blades are forged. Forging allows the maker to not be confined to the boundaries of bar stock steel. I recently acquired a Claiborne Hydraulic Press. The Hydraulic press has opened a whole new world of Damascus making. I really enjoy the process making of Damascus and the patterns are endless.

 I have a degree in Graphic Communications and have always been interested in the arts like drawing, painting, carving and photography.  Knife-making is another way that I can explore my creativity.  I have already invested a lot of time and energy into learning about the craft of knife making.  I still have a lifetime of learning ahead of me.  It has proven so far to be a very rewarding hobby.  I am now trying to make good knives that anyone would be proud to carry. -Burton


2009 Best New Maker Ohio Classic Knife Show

2009 Best Hand Forged Knife Ohio Classic Knife Show

2010 Best Hand Forged Knife Ohio Classic Knife Show

2012 Best Damascus Knife Ohio Classic Knife Show

2012 Best Of Show Ohio Classic Knife Show