A bit of time and care can make your custom knife an heirloom that will be cherished for years to come. -Burton

1. Take care of the tip. Never use knife to pry, dig or chop unless the knife is designed to.
2. NEVER THROW KNIVES unless it is a throwing knife.
3. Do not leave knives and sheaths in direct sunlight or high heat. Sunlight oxidizes wood.
Heat affects hardwoods and weakens adhesive bonds.
4. Hand wash blades when necessary with a gentle detergent. DRY THOROUGHLY.
5. Clean handles and sheaths with a damp cloth and buff with a soft dry cloth.
6. Do not oil sheaths. This will cause them to soften and weaken.
7. Protect carbon steel and Damascus knives with a light coat of hand rubbed wax. Renaissance wax is very good but a good Carnauba only wax can be used, no synthetics. Oil will attract dust and can weaken sheath but is better than nothing at all for steel.
8. Wood handles usually benefit from a light coat of wax and a good hand rubbing with a soft dry cloth.
9. Brass and nickel silver fittings can be buffed and lightly waxed. Polish brass often. Coat with wax and hand buff with a soft cloth.
10. For long term storage, do not store knife in the sheath. Chemicals used in leather can react with moisture in the air leading to corrosion of even stainless steels.
11. KEEP YOUR KNIFE SHARP. Most accidents occur with a dull knife.